2011 and its 44 Comets

By Miceal Ledwith.

"Note: This article was written in the last few days of August. I have not yet had a chance to see Ram's Opus as I am in Korea teaching at the RSE Beginning Event and Follow Up. Any updates I will add when I have watched Ram's teaching. " - Miceal

1. Suspicious Coordinates: A Stealth Route through the Heavens?

There has been an explosion of discussion on the internet over the past six months about the Comet Elenin/Nebiru and the year 2012. When I checked last week I discovered there were about one an a half million pages of information on these topics on Google alone. I am sure the material in other locations such as You Tube, Facebook and Twitter exceeds that. Far more than enough to comfortably fill the ancient library of Alexandria several times over! I decided it might be a good service to myself and a lot of other people to “bottom line” it all.

A person who claimed to be a former NASA “insider” was interviewed on radio on Sunday, August 7th 2011. He offered a set of co-ordinates for Comet Elenin and asserted that accompanying it was the returning planet Nebiru, fabled in Sumerian history, for which he also gave co-ordinates.

Of course one does not have to be a “NASA insider” to provide co-ordinates for Elenin. Its co-ordinates for any day can be looked up on this site by anyone:


Both sets of co-ordinates the NASA “insider” gave were against the backdrop of constellation Leo, which unfortunately is a winter constellation in the northern latitudes.

This means it is extremely difficult to check these co-ordinates and see what’s possibly there along with Elenin, because Leo at this time of year in the northern latitudes is almost all the time in the daylight sky, and therefore extremely difficult to view even with the most powerful telescopes. All one can hope for is to be lucky with a few minutes of useful darkness before dawn or after dusk. The situation is improving as time passes and we move towards the end of summer, but as it does, the alleged dangers also draw more near.

Comet Elenin moved into the constellation Virgo at the end of the first week of August 2011, but for people in the mid northern latitudes the comet is so close to the horizon by the time darkness falls that is extremely difficult to see. That will change when it returns to the morning sky in early September. The farther south the location from which you are viewing at the moment the better the results will be, but Elenin will be visible nowhere for the last two weeks of September because the glare of the sun will make it impossible.

In the second week of August when I tried to view the two sets of coordinates the so-called “NASA insider” provided I soon discovered it was almost impossible to do so – from anywhere based on earth or with any type of telescope, because that portion of the sky to all intents and purposes is overhead only during daylight hours at this time of year. That means it is not visible through any normal visible light telescope. That state of affairs continues right into the second half of September, by which stage the comet will be almost upon us.

I realized that if anyone wanted to plan a route to approach Earth undetected, and well ‘below the radar, it would be hard to find a better track through space than the one on which Elenin and whatever may accompany it now are. Needless to say that made me very suspicious and I began to wonder if all the hype about Elenin was only a distraction. But if so, why, and from what was it trying to distract us?

This diagram below shows the positions of Elenin over the last two months, from last 28 June up until the closest approach to us in mid October, which is when it will be best seen in northern latitudes. (Please note the Comet is proceeding on a regularly curved track. The apparent back-tracking sharp turn towards the right, just below Jupiter, is due only to the difficulties of depicting the comet’s course in this format.).

Credits to Astrobob using Chris Marriott’s SkyMap software.

The trajectory of the comet, and the extreme difficulty of seeing it, not alone made me very suspicious, but I also wondered how such a fuss had ever managed to arise about this object in the first place?

Some of the reason for that come:

1. from the way comets have always been viewed historically,

2. from the work of some researchers who have tried to link the recent alignments of Elenin, Sun and Earth with the occurrence of major earthquakes,

3. from the extensive discussion about the alleged end of the Maya Calendar at some date between 2011-2013, and what that may imply, if anything, about world-wide catastrophe.

There has also of course been a dramatic revival of religious belief in an imminent apocalypse, which has been a fertile breeding for a 2012 doomsday scenario. I have not addressed this aspect of the question in this paper, firstly because I believe the biblical sources are being mis-represented, and have nothing of this sort to tell us about the present age, and secondly because people who hold such views all too often unfortunately seem to have insulated themselves a priori from any objective analysis and discussion of the matter.

Let’s look at each of these three factors to help us make a rational assessment of the whole Elenin/Nebiru situation.

2. The Three factors that have made the “Comet Elenin” Situation.

a) Comets: Doomed to be Portents of Doom.

All down through history comets have always been viewed as portents of doom and disaster. Plagues, wars, the deaths of kings, failures of crops, and family feuds were attributed to them, all ably abetted by the Church which regularly interpreted comets as signs from God about the doubtful doom of humankind.

What we later came to call Halley’s Comet appeared a few years before the birth of Jesus. Its next appearance was in 66 AD just before the disastrous Jewish revolt against the Romans, which resulted in the destruction of the Temple and the final scattering of the Jewish people from their homeland. The comet came again in 1066 just before William the Conqueror invaded England and took over the Saxon throne. It was claimed that Genghis Khan was inspired by the appearance of Halley’s Comet in 1222 to turn his efforts towards the invasion of Europe, while in 1456 the Turkish Ottoman Empire invaded the Balkans for the first time. With precedents like these, and on great or little evidence, anything could be blamed on Halley’s or any other comet, and usually was.

For instance when the earth was passing through the tail of Halley’s Comet on 18 May 1910 one of the substances discovered in the tail by spectroscopic analysis was the extremely toxic gas cyanogens, apparently found to some degree in the gas tails of all comets.. This discovery caused a lot of alarm. The French renowned astronomer Claude Flammarion who, for one of his publications in 1888, commissioned this famous wood engraving (below) predicted that the gas might snuff out all life on earth as we passed through the tail. This led to a brief but brisk trade in anti-comet pills, potions, gas masks and even anti-comet umbrellas: much the same as what’s happening today. However, the traces of the gas were so diffuse that the earth passed safely through the tail with no ill effects whatever. The combination of the discovery of the new comet in 2010, the alleged catastrophe the world is supposed to be facing at the end of the Maya Calendar, and the suggestion that Elenin’s alignment might be the cause of earthquakes over magnitude 6, was an irresistible combination.

Camille Flammarion: L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire ("The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology"), 1888. The engraving is supposed to represent the medieval cosmology, a flat earth surmounted by a solid dome called the sky or firmament. The engraving represents a person who has discovered where the heavens and the earth touch, and has poked his head through to discover a marvelous realm of fires and suns circling beyond the firmament.

b) Comet Elenin and Asteroid 2005 YU55.

i. Do Astronomical Alignments cause Major Earthquakes?

On 10 December 2010 a new comet was discovered by the amateur Russian astronomer, Leonid Elenin, remotely using the ISON-NM observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico. The discovery of new comets is apparently a relatively common occurrence in astronomy. The discovery has to be verified by a professional astronomer and then a code number is assigned, which in Elenin’s case is C/2010 X1.

As already noted much has been made of alignments of the comet Elenin with the Earth and Sun. and many attempts have been made to say these alignments were the cause of several major earthquakes over the past two years in particular, and that therefore such alignments can be used to predict future earthquakes.

This first notable attempt to link this comet to a series of major earthquakes came to the fore in a notable way in April 2011. It was in an article written by a Bosnian scientist Dr.Mensur Omerbaschich. The article was posted in Cornell University’s arXiv.org, 1104, 2036 v.4, on 11 Apr 2011 and was revised three times subsequently: on 30 May, 4 July and 24 August 2011. I had consulted the article there earlier this year, but when I tried to consult it again to check the updates when writing this article it was no longer on the Cornell site as far as I could discover, despite the recency of the last update posted.

While a multitude of authors have been focused on heavenly portents for the period 2011-12, mainly because of the reputed end of the Maya Calendar, there is no doubt that Dr. Omerbashich’s article has been extraordinarily influential in all of the internet discussions of the comet Elenin over the past four or five months. This is how Dr. Omerbashich himself describes his discovery in the abstract of his paper.

“I show that all strong (~M6+) earthquakes of 2010 occurred during the Earth's long (t>3 day) astronomical alignments within our solar system. I then show that the same holds true for all very strong (~M8+) earthquakes of the decade of 2000s. Finally, the strongest (M8.6+) earthquakes of the past century are shown to have occurred during the Earth's multiple long alignments, whereas half of the high-strongest (M9+) ones occurred during the Full Moon. I used the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), as it has been adding to robustness in terms of very strong seismicity since 2007 (in terms of strongest seismicity: since 1965). Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible.”

In short summary: Dr. Omerbashich maintains that when alignments occur between the comet Elenin, and the sun and earth and moon, or one or more of the seven planets, massive earthquakes occur. There was an alignment between Earth, Sun and ‘comet’ at the time of the Chilean 8.8 earthquake of February 2010, and also in the period 9-25 March 2011 when the two Japanese quakes of 7.2 and 9.0 occurred and the Japanese 6.6, and Maynmar 6.8 occurred. The frequency and strength of those quakes were not typical of earlier periods. He also refers to the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake and the Japanese earthquake of 11 March 2011, as examples that bear out this theory.

When researching some more on Dr. Omerbashich I discovered he claimed to be the heir of the Kotromanic dynasty, the oldest in the Balkans, and thus to be Pretender to the throne of Bosnia, and by implication to the British throne. He also cites on the head of his article that he is a “Member of the European Royal Society” of which I had never before heard, especially since the EU is not a monarchical institution. Later I discovered a suggestion that he may have been and remains the only member of this Society.

However, these charming eccentricities do not necessarily mean his scientific views are wrong, so I turned to examining his case.

In searching for correlations between this sort of alignment and major earthquakes Dr.Omerbashich presents a table listing 90 earthquakes during 2010 over magnitude 6, which are supposed to be correlated with such alignments. However, when I checked the list against the US Geological Survey data base I discovered a significant number of the earthquakes listed by him as 6 magnitude were actually between 4.9 and 6.

In this category of 4.9 and greater the USGS records show 2,850 such quakes occurred during 2010, which is an average of almost eight per day. Further between the 11 March earthquake in Japan and mid-Summer 2011, I easily found about a dozen earthquakes over magnitude 6 that occurred when there were no alignments.

If Dr. Mensur Omerbasich’s April 2011 paper has been the basis for the very widespread contention that alignments of the earth and sun with the comet Elenin have been the cause of massive earthquakes, it has to be recognized that no scientific proof has been given for this position. Likewise any anticipated catastrophes associated with future alignments in the second half of 2011 have not been shown in this paper to have any scientific basis either. This is not to say they might not occur, but it is clear that these alignments of the comet, earth and sun, and their dates are certainly not - at least in themselves - the causes of these earthquakes.

ii. Significant dates and alignments of Elenin with Sun and Earth in 2011.

The following are the significant dates of the alignments of Elenin with Sun and Earth in 2011, with the distance of Elenin from Earth given in astronomical units (AU). 1 AU is the mean of the distance between the Earth and the Sun, approximately 93,000,000 miles. I quote them here for ease of reference and analysis.

March 14th 1st Alignment AU 2.087 (194 million miles)

September 3rd 84.3 million miles from Earth.

September 11th Elenin’s closest approach to the Sun,

39 million miles. 65 million miles from Earth.

September 24-26th AU 0.41

1st direct alignment of Sun, ‘comet’ and Earth since March 2011, but ‘comet’ now 80% closer to Earth than in March at 38 m. miles. Too close to Sun to be visible, despite being magnitude 6.

October 4: Elenin will appear low in sky at dawn, back again in constellation Leo, 27.9 million miles from Earth.

October 16-17: 2nd Alignment of Earth, Sun, Elenin. AU 0.233

17 October: closest approach of Elenin to Earth, AU 0.232

(21.57 m. miles).

November 3-7: Crossing tail of comet. AU 0.351 (32 m. miles).

November 21-22 Third alignment, AU 0.581 (54 million miles).

By mid January 2012 Earth out of any danger zone from Elenin.

iii. Elenin is one of 44 Comets in 2011. Significant other alignments of some others of these.

Elenin is not the only comet to appear in our sector of the galaxy this year. Irrespective of what may or may not be accompanying Elenin, a total of 44 comets are passing through our region of space in 2011, some of them approaching closer to the earth than Elenin. About six of them may be intermittently visible at present but would require good viewing conditions and at least an 8 inch telescope. I would like to take a quick look at a couple of these.

Comet Honda comes every 5.5 years regularly without incident, Levy every 5.24 years.

Honda’s closest passage was in mid-August, Levy is somewhat less likely to be visible without instruments. Their orbits are available on the JPL Simulator so anyone can follow their orbits for themselves.

Of the 44 comets the only other one I considered mentioning is 2009 P1 (Garradd) but it needs better telescopes when its more likely to be visible from mid-summer on into Spring 2012.

I’d like to emphasize that these Comets such as Honda, Levy or Garradd, despite their many close approaches to earth, have absolutely no known ability to cause any destruction whatever on earth, nor have they done so in the past. Given that these comets have approached earth a multitude of times previously, and that some of the 44 comets will come closer to earth than Elenin this year it seems apparent that neither will there be any ill effects on Earth from the passage of Elenin this year either.

However, if at a later stage from the astronomical evidence it appears Elenin is not a comet, then of course we have an entirely different scenario before us, which has to be, and hopefully will be, looked at separately, but only as soon as we have more astronomical evidence. 

The alignments of these comets with Earth and Sun this year are as follows: (distances of comets from Earth are in AU. 1 AU = 93 million miles). I am presenting them here to show there have not been, and will not be, any ill effects from the alignments of those comets.


Alignments of -

31 July 2011:

Earth, Sun, Honda (0.248 AU).

24 August:

Elenin (1.118 AU), Honda (0.119), Earth.

2 September:

Sun, Honda (0.23 AU), Earth.

18 September

Sun, Honda (0.491 AU), Elenin (0.525 AU), Earth, Levy (0.904 AU).

24 September

Sun, Elenin (0.413 AU), Earth.

28 September

Sun, Elenin (0.354 AU), Earth, Levy (0.81 AU)

8 October

Honda (0.914 AU), Elenin (0.257 AU), Earth.

31 October

Honda (1.325 AU), Earth, Levy (0.602 AU).

23 November

Sun, Earth, Elenin (0.579).

Comet Honda:      Closest approach to earth,     31 August 2011,  0.191 AU  (discovered 3 December 1948)

Comet Levy :    Closest approach,    18 October 2011,  0.072 AU

"Comet" Elenin:    Closest approach,  17 October 2011,  0.232 AU  (discovered 10 December 2010).

The orbits of all three comets can be tracked on the JPL Simulator at:


iv. Is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Elenin Simulator Deliberately Misleading?

Several allegations were made during the past year that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Simulator of the movement of Elenin was wrong, and sometimes sinister motives were attributed to this. The objections could be summed up thus: “the planets Venus and Uranus rotate counterclockwise if viewed from the North Pole side of the solar system. The rest of the planets rotate clockwise, if viewed from the North Pole side of the solar system. In JPL's depiction all the planets are depicted as rotating counterclockwise. Can we then trust their simulator to accurately tell us what the track of Comet Elenin will be in its approach to earth?”

This objection is based on a misconception, a confusion between a planet’s orbit around the Sun, and it rotation on its own axis.

The orbits of the planets are ellipses around the Sun, but all orbits except Mercury’s are nearly circular. The orbits of the planets occur in approximately the same plane, the ecliptic, which is defined by the plane of Earth’s orbit. The ecliptic is only seven degrees off the plane of the Sun’s equator. All the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction, counter-clockwise as viewed from above the north pole of the Sun.

Most of the planets also rotate on their axes in the same direction, counter-clockwise. Venus, Uranus and Pluto however, rotate on their axes in the opposite direction, clockwise.

The depiction of the orbits on the JPL Simulator is correct, though obviously some short cuts had to be taken to depict Elenin’s course since Elenin is not moving in the same plane as the planets, nor is it orbiting the sun. There is no ability in the JPL Simulator to depict the rotation of the planets on their axes.

v. Passing through the Path of Elenin’s Orbit, 5 November 2011.

If Elenin were to turn out to be just a comet we should not have much to fear from passing through the path of Elenin’s orbit on 4-5 November when the "comet" will be 0.35 AU from us (32 million miles approx.) nor from its alignments earlier in the year.

If it is a comet, but there is also some new kind of force or object coming with it, which is totally unknown in the present state of science, then of course we also have a very different scenario to deal with.

Comets can have three tails, firstly, the dust which trails along behind them in the path of its orbit, and which is often called the “anti-tail;” secondly, the gas tail, which as the name indicates is composed of gases, and which always points away from the Sun because it is blown in that direction by the ions streaming from the Sun, called “the solar wind.” Ion tails of comets have been observed that measure more than 350,000,000 miles.

In November 2011 the gas tail of Elenin will be pointing out in front of the comet, not behind it, as the comet at that date will be moving away from the Sun. Hence the gas tail of Elenin will be on the opposite side of the Comet to Earth, and will be pointing away from Earth, so that Earth will not pass through the gas tail at all in November. Thirdly there is a dust tail which also points away from the Sun. The matter is best understood using the diagram from NASA below.


If Elenin is truly a comet the particles of matter streaming behind it should be very small. To escape being burned up as they entered the atmosphere and thus do major damage on earth, the debris in the tail would have to be very large, which would be very untypical of comets. When Earth intersects the path of the comet’s orbit on about 4-5 November, Elenin will already be over 30,000,000 miles ahead of us. Earth will pass through the path of the comet’s orbit at the spot where Elenin had been on about 18 October and it is extremely unlikely there will be any ill effects on earth from the passage through the path the comet had traversed over two weeks previously. At best there will be nothing; at worst we might see a spectacular meteor shower.

vi. November 2011 is a wicked month:

Crossing Elenin’s tail, 5 November.

Asteroid 2005 YU55: 8 November.

On 8-9 November 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass within 200,000 miles from Earth. It will be only a few days after Earth may pass into the track of the debris tail of comet Elenin.

The asteroid measures about 400 meters across. It will be only 11 magnitude but should be readily seen with a good telescope to observers in both northern and southern hemispheres.

The track of its passage can be viewed on the NASA simulator here:


Asteroids frequently come ‘close’ to earth in astronomical terms. To help put matters in perspective, two asteroids passed between the Sun and the Moon on September 8, 2010. Asteroid 2010 RX30 was estimated to be 10 to 20 meters in size and passed within 148,000 miles of Earth. The second asteroid 2010 RF12, was estimated to be 6 to 14 meters in size and passed within 47,000 miles of earth.

Asteroid 2010 TD 54 passed within 27,900 miles of Earth on 12 October 2010. It was estimated to be 10-20 meters wide.

What gives more cause for worry is that on 4 February 2011 Asteroid 2011 CQI passed within 3,400 miles of Earth, and nobody saw it coming as it was only four feet wide.

Most asteroids of this size would incinerate if they came close enough to enter Earth’s atmosphere. In general terms the atmosphere is reckoned to extend only about 600+ miles above the earth’s surface. For an asteroid to encounter the atmosphere, which is not a rare occurrence, it would have to come very close indeed.

It was announced on 5 June 2011 that the Emergency Alert System (EAS) would be inaugurated by a speech from the President on 9 November 2011 at 11.00 a.m. Pacific Time. Many have feared that what the President will in fact be doing is making an announcement of an imminent catastrophic collision of Asteroid 2005 YU55 with earth. Unfortunately for that point of view the asteroid will already have passed between the earth and moon, with closest approach about 3.28 p.m. Pacific Time on the previous day, November 8th.

c. ‘The End of the Maya Calendar?’ sorry, not in 2012.

There is little doubt that speculation about the end of the Maya Calendar has enormously fueled interest in the Comet Elenin and Nebiru. Those who wish to have a summary account of the scholarly work done on Nebiru should consult “The Return of Nebiru” epilogue section towards the close of my DVD “2012-13: Alignment of Chaos.”

By the time the Spanish Conquistadores arrived in Central and South America it appears most of the Maya who lived in the lowlands of what is now Mexico and Guatemala had already abandoned use of the Maya Calendar for well over a century. Even had the Spanish been interested in synchronizing the Maya Calendar with their European Calendar, which they most assuredly were not, it would have been difficult for them to do so. It is said that there is only one recorded historical incident common to both calendars, which makes accurate synchronizing very difficult, When all of the original recent extensive scholarship had done its work, all the suggestions for the calendar end date fell in 2011, not 2012, with the predominant opinion favoring 28 October 2011.

The apocalyptic date of 21 December 2012, or any other 2012 or 2011 date appear nowhere in classical Maya literature. Neither does it appear in any of the innumerable glyph inscriptions in the Maya temples in the Yucatan and Guatemala stretching over a period of three and a half thousand years. There is no reference to 2012 on any of the dozens of Maya commemorative standing stones which preserve an enormous number of dates of historic significance for the Maya. In no place in the four classical Maya codices that survived being burned by the Inquisition (the Madrid, Dresden, Paris and Grolier codices) is there any mention of 2012 being significant, nor is there anything about 2012 in the two Maya sacred texts, the Popul Vuh, or Creation Book of the Quiche Maya, and the Oracles of Chilam Balaam of Chumayel and Tizimin.

Out of the multitude of Maya inscriptions that exist there is only one place where some allege the date corresponding to 2012 is carved. That is at Monument 6 at the Mayan site of Turtuguero in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, The inscription is tiny and heavily damaged, so that it is next to impossible to decipher. Since a cement factory was built over those ruins in the 1960s it obviously would be difficult to seek more information and clarity from further excavation.

If the date 2012 really was of such central importance for the Maya it is exceedingly strange that it possibly exists only on one tiny and disputed inscription.

I heard recently some very interesting information that came from Drumvalo Melchizedek through the good offices of my friend Mr. Cristian Muresan. Unlike many other western researchers, Drumvalo spent many years living with the highland Maya, who, unlike the lowland Maya, and despite great difficulties and hardships, had managed to preserve their traditions and prophecies. According to the ancients of the tribes, many years ago the highland Maya gave their lowland Maya brethren fifteen books to read and understand, of which the lowland Maya had no knowledge. Five other books were not revealed.

Shortly after this time the Maya started to attract the attention of western historians, archeologists and anthropologists. These westerners considered that the knowledge of those 15 books which the lowland Maya had recently acquired was the complete body of Maya wisdom, and it was on this body of knowledge that the extensive study and analysis of the Maya wisdom was constructed by so many western scholars over the last half century or so.

In this later western scholarship three dates were proposed for the end of the Maya Calendar, 28 October 2011, 21 December 2012 and 23 December 2012. In my opinion, at the level of knowledge we and those scholars then had, the level of proof is about equal for all three, so if you wish, you could, while preserving excellent objectivity and academic integrity, believe any of these three dates is the correct one.

However, according to the tradition narrated by Drumvalo and Mr. Muresan one of the five books that was withheld from the lowland Maya, and hence from all the western researchers, was actually the only Maya book that could accurately determine dates and cycles, “The Book of the Insects and the Fixed Stars.”

That was the sixteenth book, and according to it the end date of the Maya Long Count, the end of the Maya Calendar, is actually 18-19 February 2013.

As I explained in my 2012 DVD what however is of even more importance than the date itself, is what the date signified to the Maya. The Maya Calendar itself never suggested that catastrophe would occur at the end of the Calendar, but only that it would be the point when a new form of age would begin to take shape and evolve over a long period of time both before and after the end date – perhaps by as much as a century on either side of the end date. So in terms of the expectation of a sudden and dramatic change in our world on a specific date, you will have to look somewhere else than the end of the Maya Calendar for justification.

I believe such justifications exist, but they do not exist in the Maya Calendar.

That of course does not at all mean that we are not up against a period of unparalled and most likely sudden and violent change in the world at the moment. What I am saying is that the Maya Calendar does not assert that. Plenty of other sources do, including other Maya sources, but none of those can compete with the reputation and influence the Maya Calendar has acquired as the harbinger of doom in our time. Neither can they compete with the influence it has been given by the preponderance of scholars who work in this field, or by those Maya who pass themselves off as new age shamans to get into the lucrative business of the doomsday lecture circuit.

5. - If Elenin is a decoy,
- if human superstition is unjustified in seeing comets as portents of doom,
- and if the Maya Calendar does not end in 2012

………where does all this leave us?

If you thought my purpose in writing this article was to establish that we are facing no real dangers at the present time, you are very greatly mistaken.

My purpose was to expose the very real danger that can come from believing catastrophes will happen on certain specific dates, such as can be derived from misinterpreting ancient traditions, or from noting significant stages in the progress of a comet. If these specific dates come and go, such as the dates of the alignments with Elenin, and nothing happens, we tend to relax and let our guard down, and probably resolve not to be taken in again by any such future warnings. If even half of what we hear is true there are certain agencies who would be only too happy to see that happen and to see us left in a state of unpreparedness, totally lacking in sovereignty. This is why I think the hype about Elenin could very well be a decoy. If so from what is it distracting us and why? If the Comet Elenin is only a comet we have nothing to fear from it, any more than we have anything to fear from Comets Honda or Levy. But if the phenomenon labeled “Elenin” is more than a comet, then we could have everything to fear.

The enormous difficulty of even viewing that quadrant of the sky where the ‘comet’ is at present, until the ‘comet’ will be almost upon us, is in itself the gravest reason for suspicion, as I mentioned earlier. It almost shouts out that something else is highly likely to be there as well.

If the alignments of Elenin, Sun and Earth, for example, cannot be shown to be a cause of major earthquakes, nevertheless it is patently obvious that all is very far indeed from well in our solar system in general, and on planet earth at the present time. Something very unusual is causing the extremely untypical patterns of major earthquake and volcanic activity as well as the degree and extent of activity on the Sun. It has been well known for a long time that a severe coronal mass ejection from the Sun could fry most of the unshielded electronics on earth, as it did on 2 September 1859. Given that our civilization is so catastrophically dependent on electricity, (that is largely generated from non-renewable resources), the implications of its loss boggle the mind to imagine. The central element in lighting, heating, communications, transport, banking, finance, international trade and food production and distribution could vanish with no more than a couple of days notice. Studies have indicated the system could take a decade or more to restore. Most people are unwilling to even contemplate such a loss, but of course denial is the poorest of all defenses. We haven’t even asked what the effect of such coronal mass ejections would also have on volcanoes, earthquakes, the tectonic plates, climate and weather, to take just a few examples. It is a sobering thought to contemplate that our entire civilization and the way of life we have taken for granted only hangs by a fragile thread.

Of course if Elenin should turn out not to be a comet but some much larger object, or if it turns out to be a comet but is accompanied by a larger object, then presumably that object or objects, if large enough to contribute significantly to these earth changes I’ve noted, would have to be one that is not conventionally visible or it would have been spotted long ago. Then we have a very different situation on hands. We have no models from previous investigations in modern times to help us here except some traces of information from very remote periods in recorded history. These historical sources have not left any information in detail about such matters as the magnitude of what we might expect to encounter from them even in terms of enormous gravitational or electromagnetic influences.

What if Elenin is not a comet but perhaps a planet, or one of several planets, or a dwarf star, or what if it is accompanied by a giant mother ship? These and a multitude of similar questions have been debated, sometimes with ferocity, all over the internet all throughout this past year especially, many of them calling on the Maya, the Egyptian and the Sumerian records.

Most of the people who put forward those views do not accept the trustworthiness of government agencies who control almost all of the most sophisticated astronomical equipment that exists. Consequently the matter can only be resolved satisfactorily for them if amateur astronomers, using their own instruments, can actually view the ‘comet’ and see what exactly is there, and whether it is accompanied by any other objects and if so what is their size? Several such images are now beginning to be posted on the internet, which claim to show Elenin is far indeed from a comet. On the other hand there are also a few beginning reports from contacts I’ve seen in Brazil and Australia, saying Elenin itself appears to be just an ordinary comet. Amateur astronomers of course normally do not have very adequate technology to view that vicinity of the solar system in either infra red or ultraviolet, and if there were a visible light photon blocking device in operation no technology on this planet exists to bypass that blockage.

The only course would be to attempt to infer the existence of this allegedly invisible object from, for example, its gravitational or electromagnetic effects on neighboring objects. Such effects would not be cancelled by something such as a visible light photon blocker. I believe there is substantial evidence of such major electromagnetic and gravitational effects now. Being able to be sure where these effects come from is of course much more difficult, but the neighborhood of Elenin is a strong contender.

If Comet Elenin turns out to be a damp squib, but was intentionally hyped up as a source of imminent danger for us so as to distract us from noticing something else much more serious, then it would be a shame if we were to fall into such a trap.

It is obvious from the major changes in earthquakes, volcanoes and the patterns of changed sunspot activity, to mention only a few, that major changes are underway on earth. It would be tragic if all the focus on Elenin were merely a decoy, in the period September to November 2011. If those crucial dates all pass and nothing happens, we would most likely let our guard down, and furthermore resolve never to be taken in by such warnings again. There is no doubt that something very foreboding is happening and it may be that there are no familiar categories from our past history and culture that can help us deal with them.

In fact the concern over Elenin and Nebiru fit the times perfectly. But if Elenin was mostly hype, it should also be remembered that the world’s foremost Sumerian expert, Zachariah Sitchin, calculated that the next return of Nebiru would not occur until almost a thousand years in our future. But even if Nebiru is not returning it does not mean that every other form of extra-terrestrial involvement in the present time is ruled out.

Even if Elenin passes without incident in the next month or so, and if Nebiru is not returning, we still face catastrophic changes that we are aware of, that literally in a few days could well send our way of life back to the stone age. There may well be other difficulties of which we are not yet aware, as I pointed out earlier. Those who may breathe a sigh of relief that Elenin didn’t destroy us after all, might well soon have a lot more to worry about - if they haven’t been lulled too deeply into a false sense of security by such a long series of decoys and false hype. If so, when these things start to happen will be rather late to start making preparatory measures of any adequacy. Those who do take obvious steps for sovereignty and security will come through, but temporarily to a very different kind of world. We at least owe it to ourselves to be realistic enough to realize that for these events there is no strict timetable, such as a comet’s alignments or a 2012 doomsday might provide. Realizing that may well be the most effective first step of preparation.

So it may not be all that inappropriate after all that 2011 sees the passage of 44 comets, and, as was said of Virgil, they still continue to be pessimistically seen by us - perhaps now after all with greater justice - as:

“Majestic in their sadness
At the doubtful doom of human kind.”

Miceal Ledwith.
31 August 2011.

Miceal is the keynote speaker at the UFO Science & Consciousness Conference November 25th & 27th in Johannesburg, South Africa
Click for more info: http://www.ufoscienceconsciousnessconference.blogspot.com/




0 #6 Terry 2011-09-18 19:08
holy crap mihaul, your reason is so far beyond my own at the moment. Thanks for this article as there are a few things I will be adjusting immediately based on thoughts that came to mind.

Thanks again!
0 #5 ruben 2011-09-14 07:35
gracias por compartir tus puntos de vista maestro. coincido qu ela preparación no debe ser distraida de aquellas cosas que no vimos suceder. el clima ha cambiado. El agua no llega a los campos que esperabans ser cultivados y casi nadie atiende estos sutiles mensajes de madre tierra. Si nuestro enfoque consigue darnos conocimiento ilimitado, también nos permitira vivir esta nueva era. considero que estamos participando en las modificaciones de drasticos eventos. También considero que podremos saludarnos en 2013 y mpas a delante, concientes de que viviremos un futuro construido por los maestros que continuemos trabajando.

Saludos de su hermano en Mpexico.

[Google English Translation]

Thanks for sharing your views teacher. qu ela agree preparedness should not be distracted from those things that we saw happen. the climate has changed. The water does not reach the fields to be cultivated esperabans and almost nobody attends these subtle messages from mother earth. If our approach gets us unlimited knowledge, they also allow us to live this new era. I believe that we are participating in events drastic changes. I also believe that we can greet mPas at 2013 and forward, knowing that we will live a future built by the teachers to continue working.

Greetings from your brother in Mpexico.
0 #4 Voice 2011-09-11 10:06
It has been my experience/obse rvation that there seems to be some difficulty in CORECTLY INTERPRETING the meaning/intent of Ram’s “predictions”. It is apparent to me that my viewpoint as a non-enlightened (as yet) human being is diametrically different from what seems to be the viewpoint of an enlightened master teacher. There have been enumerable instances when what I reasonably interpreted as the ‘message’ turned out to have an entirely different meaning/intent/ significance. And yet, in going back and reviewing the actual words that were spoken I can easily see where I misunderstood/m isinterpreted what was being said – and that the actual ‘message’ was right on.
I can also say that making the preparations that have consistently been recommended throughout my master teacher’s 35+ year tenure, I have never regretted any of those efforts.
Even when I was wrong about what I thought I heard, I have never regreted taking constructive actions.
- A student since Jan 10, 1987
0 #3 Noemi 2011-09-11 06:18
MasterMarcos, from my understanding the predictions that haven't come to pass have to do with timelines, which we collectively alter because of our own individual change. For example, the Arab Spring surely plays in a great deal in changing timelines for those countries.
0 #2 mastermarcos 2011-09-10 14:36
Hi Father and fellow students...
I have been a RSE student for some yrs.
A comment/questio n from my heart:
I see a lot of info and efforts from the school staff to bring on, on Ram's predictions fulfilled, however I see few explanations for the many predictions Ramtha (or JZ) has given that have not come to fact.
Can you help me understand this with your sharp comments?
This makes me wonder about "the days to come" not coming after all...
That's all.
Thank you.
0 #1 Heike 2011-09-10 07:05
A great coment from Micheal.
Saludos from his german admirers,
Walter and Heike

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